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CAN, CANFD, LIN and Ethernet multi-channel acquisition units



Remote monitoring & control DUNADIAG-2 / E-CAR

DUNADIAG is a 4-channel CANFD + 4 CAN HS datalogger recording in DBF format. 
An external USB box can be added to support up to 4 additional CAN FD channels.

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Technical description

  • 2xCAN, GXM, GNSS SAE J1939 /UDS/KWP2000/ CANopen,/MilCAN 2-channel acquisition center
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, 3.5G communication
  • Slave Master Function (WiFi connection) to associate several DUNADIAG and record on the same file up to 16 CAN networks.
  • Data transfer protocols: MQTT, SFTP, Thingworx®
  • Record data format: DBF
  • 9-axis inertial motion detectors (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyrometer)
  • bright LEDs
  • Micro-SD card storage (Mini 64GB up to 256GB – push/pull system for SIM and SD card)
  • SubD-15 Connectors
  • USB
  • OTA
  • Push button for post-processing
  • contextualization
  • Standby consumption < 5mA
  • Multiple wake-up modes
  • CCA/CEM Validation
  • 1 x GPS input
  • 1 12V trigger output
  • Supports MQTT, use-cases and SFTP
  • Power supply 12-24V
  • Dimensions: 90 x 76 x 33 mm
  • Each E-CAR unit is equipped with an OBD cable, an external WiFi antenna, a 3G/GPS combo antenna and a 64GB SD card.
  • 1 mA

Applications / Use cases

Road Test
Qualification and wear tests
Fleet management
Remote maintenance
Predictive maintenance
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A 4-channel CANFD + 4 CAN HS central data acquisition unit recording in DBF format DUNALOG

It is also possible to add an external USB box supporting up to 4 additional CAN FD channels

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In master/slave mode, the unit can be used as the master of another DUNALOG unit, doubling the number of can networks that can be registered simultaneously. A master can be connected to up to 8 slaves. This mode simplifies installations by dividing up the number of units. Trigger events can be shared between devices.

The DUNALOG is capable of recovering 100% of information as soon as the CAN HS bus is woken up, and CAN FDs are available after 15 seconds, in line with vehicle/ADAS life phases. Data dating is synchronized by a 30 khz clock source, giving an accuracy of 100µs. Time is synchronized by GPS and/or NTP in UTC time.

Storage Capacity
The unit can be fitted with an internal hard disk to increase its storage capacity to over 1 To. This feature is optional and depends on the volume of storage required. Data is stored on existing vibration-resistant media in an SSD-type vehicle. By default, recorders are supplied with a micro SD card reader, which can be supplied with a 128 GB capacity as an accessory.

Power Consumption
The unit can go down to 5 mA if the alarm clock is set on 2 CAN buses only. If the alarm clock is wired only, logic input used for APC for example, it is possible to go down to less than 1mA.

Data Visualization Tool
The LogAnalyzer PC software is proposed for converting recordings into formats that are compatible with Vector tools (MDF4 / ASC). This software is also available as a command-line tool for automated conversion on a server.

Easy-to-use Configuration
The unit can be configured via a WIFI connection, by accessing a web-based parameter-setting GUI

All units feature WIFI B / G / N connectivity. This can be extended to 3G+ worldwide, or 4G regional, or 4G worldwide.


The Dunalogs can optionally be delivered in a suitcase including all the elements necessary for rapid and complete installation.

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