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DCar S Telematics box for car sharing and fleet management

The DCar-S has been specially designed to provide car-sharing functionalities in conjunction with a third-party platform. Data is made available in API mode, compatible with all fleet management and car-sharing platforms on the market.

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What the hell is this? Carsharing in the workplace

Car-sharing is a service that involves pooling a fleet of cars for the benefit of a group of people.

Behind this definition lies a simple principle: having a car at one’s disposal for the time of an occasional trip, without owning it or having to deal with its constraints (insurance, maintenance, parking, etc.).

The system is practical, simple and flexible to use, since new technologies make it easy to reserve and access vehicles. Cars are available 24/7.

Car-sharing enables a company to pool a fleet of vehicles for a large number of people. In this way, a company’s fleet of vehicles is made available to its employees. They can access a vehicle by reserving it using new technologies, such as an application. It’s a simple service to set up.

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Company car-sharing Reduce business costs

Car-sharing is becoming increasingly popular. It’s an innovative mobility solution for companies, as their employees use self-service car rentals. The growth of carsharing is significant, thanks in particular to its sustainability and cost reduction. In the next few lines, we’ll tell you what corporate car-sharing is, the advantages of doing it, and present our solution for your fleet.

What are the advantages of car-sharing for companies?

Car-sharing enables companies to cut costs. With carsharing, you can reduce the costs of maintaining your fleet of vehicles. The vehicles are fitted with a car-sharing and telematic box. This box enables the company to benefit from a wide range of data. These include driver information, an accelerometer to monitor eco-driving, real-time vehicle geolocation, fuel consumption, mechanical alerts and more.

Car-sharing can also provide companies with a global view of fleet utilization. The aim is to identify surplus vehicles in your fleet. Since employees have to reserve their cars for their journeys, they gain in autonomy, as they have no intermediaries to reserve the vehicle. As a result, managing your fleet is simplified thanks to carsharing and the use of a carsharing box.

Car-sharing also has a positive environmental impact. Thanks to carsharing, you can choose vehicle models that consume less fuel. Thanks to the telematic box, you can obtain information on drivers and train them to drive responsibly.

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In particular, it provides the following commands and data feedback

  • Door opening control
  • Anti-theft control
  • Driver identification
  • Accelerometer for eco-driving
  • Real-time vehicle geolocation, tracking
  • Odometer
  • Fuel consumption
  • Diagnostics and mechanical alerts

The box and its embedded software enable commands to be made by wire or via the CAN.

The latter solution drastically reduces installation time, without affecting wiring harnesses.

Most makes are available in our catalog. For those not available, including the latest models, our reverse engineering team will carry out the code conversion.

DUNASYS is a company specializing in connected car engineering. We design and develop boxes and embedded software. We also provide technical assistance and expertise for our customers.

In particular, we offer a box that can manage car-sharing for your company’s fleet of vehicles. It’s called D-Car 3G+. It’s quick and easy to install on your vehicles. It has been specially designed for car-sharing with a third-party platform. If you’d like to find out more about our car-sharing box, please visit our car-sharing page, where you’ll learn more about our product.

Would you like to set up a car-sharing system in your company to save on costs and gain a comprehensive set of data to help you make better fleet management decisions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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