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Embedded System Company Embedded system engineering

DUNASYS is an innovative company specialized in connected automotive engineering, enjoying strong growth over the past 3 years driven by the development of embedded systems.

Its two core businesses are:
> Design and development of on-board units and software
>Technical assistance and expertise for its customers.

DUNASYS boasts a diversified customer portfolio, including the leading French automakers, major equipment manufacturers and car-sharing and ecomobility start-ups.

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DUNASYS relies on the expertise of its technical teams, made up of engineers in electronics, software and embedded systems, with degrees from renowned schools (ESME, ENSEA, EPITECH…).


Our embedded systems company specializes in embedded software (design of electronic systems: processor, memory, security, energy management, GNSS, accelerometer, etc.)


It provides access to vehicle data of all vehicle makes associated with applications and software development kits


(4G LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, miniaturized antennas, etc.)


Performed either directly on board the vehicle (on-board system) as well as remotely (in cloud mode) or at the edge of the network (“edge computing”). These core competencies enable DUNASYS to offer both the data collection and decoding of vehicle parameters, as well as the software intelligence to process and display them

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Capitalizing on its skills in embedded systems engineering since 2016, DUNASYS has successfully developed and launched  telematic boxes for real-time analysis of vehicle performance in the qualification phase. In recent years, the company has designed several innovative products:

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Dunasys Units

They combine complex technologies.
They require advanced software technology (based on C++ and Linux), combined with innovative electronic design, to process data in and out of the vehicle.

For example, the control units must go into standby mode when the vehicle is at a standstill, but be immediately reactivated at the driver’s request.
They are also particularly compact and have to manage multiple compatibilities.

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The convergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) with embedded technologies is transforming the automotive industry. Connected cars are one of the fastest growing markets in the IoT ecosystem.

Many factors are driving the rapid growth of cars equipped with embedded systems: increased safety requirements, demand for connectivity, autonomous car and low carbon.

The connected car market will reach $155 billion by 2022, while Business Insider Intelligence projects that 75% of the estimated 92 million cars shipped worldwide in 2020 will have Internet connectivity.

According to Gartner,
250 million connected vehicles will be on the road by 2024.

Today’s most basic vehicles have at least 30 electronic control units, and some luxury cars have up to 100. 70% of global sales of connected services come from premium vehicle brands, by 2022 this figure will drop to 50%.

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